Deputy Mayor Rocio Castellanos

Appointed Deputy Mayor: September 2023 Castellanos, Rocio

With a career that spans over a decade in public service, Rocio Castellanos has been a much needed positive force in our community.

Castellanos has served in numerous community organizations and groups. She served in the Antelope Valley Homeless Coalition, was a Director in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and played essential roles in shaping policies that directly benefit the city of Lancaster, such as affordable housing initiatives and healthcare access programs. 

Additionally, she has been recognized with several awards for her advocacy work. She is also an active member of various local non-profits, focusing on programs that uplift underserved communities, and has completed several leadership programs.

She currently manages a community center for LA Care in Palmdale. In that position, she supervises community events that help Antelope Valley residents, with mental and physical classes with a focus on health and wellness.

Castellanos is a proud resident of the city of Lancaster for over 20 years and earned her Sociology degree from California State University, Northridge.


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