Social Equity Commission

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The Social Equity Commission meets every third Wednesday at 5 p.m.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to ensure all citizens of Lancaster have equitable access to opportunities and resources necessary to thrive and succeed within an environment where everyone feels safe, heard, respected, and valued.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate and sustain equity, diversity and inclusion within our community through accountability, transparency and civilian oversight. We are committed to understanding and overcoming the most significant and addressable social equity challenges facing our community, and to stop further inequities from rising. We strive to raise the voices of underrepresented, underserved, or otherwise marginalized groups while serving as a communication bridge between the public and local government.


  • Collect and recommend actions for community ideas and concerns relating to inequities in education, public safety, health and social services, housing and economic development, and other areas of the community
  • Organize an inventory of all available community resources and work towards implementing programs, practices, and systems to close resource gaps 
  • Establish appropriate task forces where necessary to advance equitable outcomes


What is Social Equity?

Social equity aims to achieve fair outcomes for all. Building greater social equity involves addressing existing outcome disparities due to race, income, age, gender, health, ability, and other factors.

There is a common misconception between equity and equality. While both equity and equality promote fairness, the terms are distinct in how each achieves fairness. Equality is treating everyone the same regardless of need. Equity, on the other hand, is treating everyone fairly by recognizing their needs. Equity attempts to correct the imbalance between the advantaged and disadvantaged, which creates an even starting point for everyone, and thus fair outcomes for everyone.


Meet the Commissioners

Lloyri Carter,

Lloyri Carter, Commissioner
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 DeLoach, Dr. Christopher

Dr. Christopher DeLoach, Commissioner 

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 Davis, Karen  
Karen Davis, Commissioner


 Sanchez, Jennifer
Jennifer Sanchez, Commissioner


 Lynde Williams2
Lynde Williams, Commissioner


 Anouk Glosson-Harvey (1)  
Anouk Glosson-Harvey, Commissioner