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Lancaster: A Municipal Sustainability Leader

The City of Lancaster has established a reputation as a sustainability clean energy leader. Through innovative one-of-a-kind partnerships, the City is showing how positive climate, environmental and economic outcomes can be driven from the municipal level. Over the years, the City of Lancaster has integrated solar power throughout the City and is beginning to foster a renewable hydrogen ecosystem by leveraging locally available resources. 

Lancaster has prioritized efforts to convert Lancaster’s abundant sunlight into solar energy opportunities. The City has successfully attracted solar farms by revising land-use policies, zoning codes, and inspection processes. Our business-friendly approach contrasted with other more restrictive cities and facilitated the expansion of solar energy production. 

On the policy front, Mayor Parris pioneered an ordinance that made Lancaster the first city in the US to require solar on all new homes. This policy set a powerful example for other cities, including Santa Monica and San Francisco, to follow suit. The City also worked with local school districts to bring solar panels to all 26 schools, saving the district $1 million in under three years. With these efforts, Lancaster is positioned as the nation’s first Net-Zero Energy City, which generates more energy than it consumes. 

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