Our Services

The City Clerk Office is responsible for the preparation and distribution of official agendas and minutes for the City Council, Successor Agency, Financing Authority, Power Authority, Housing Authority, California Choice Energy Authority, the Criminal Justice Commission, the Lancaster Healthy Community Commission, the Lancaster Homeless Impact Commission and the Lancaster Successor Agency Oversight Board. As the office responsible for the preparation and distribution of official agendas and minutes for these legislative bodies, the office ensures agendas and required related notices are prepared, posted and published in accordance with applicable laws and statutes. Staff in the City Clerk Office also ensure adopted ordinances are codified into Lancaster’s Municipal Code.

The City Clerk is the Chief Election Official who is responsible for conducting the City’s General Municipal Election and acts as a compliance officer for federal, state and local statutes such as the Ralph M. Brown Act, the Political Reform Act and the Public Records Act.

The City Clerk is the Custodian of Records; the office archives and indexes documents for storage and provides for the development of, and adherence to, the City’s official Records Retention Schedule. Additionally, the office responds to requests for public records.

The City Clerk is the Filing Officer for Conflict of Interest filings and is responsible for ensuring City Councilmembers and Commissioners file the appropriate forms as required by the Political Reform Act.

Additional duties of the City Clerk office include administering oaths of office, attesting and sealing documents, receiving appeals and conducting bid openings. Results for recent bid openings can be found here.

For assistance related to the above services, please contact the City Clerk Office at (661)723-6020.