TIDE-Y Up A Mile Program

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The City of Lancaster TIDE-Y Up A Mile Program provides individuals, businesses, organizations, and public agencies with a unique opportunity to gain prominent recognition while beautifying the environment within their own communities. By collecting roadside litter, participants foster community pride and shape the identity of our City for residents and visitors alike.

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The City of Lancaster is on a mission to create a better tomorrow, and we want to do that together. Engaging members of our community to participate in maintaining the appearance of our City is just one small step in fostering community pride.

There are over 1,400 lane miles of roadway in the City of Lancaster. Unfortunately, every day, people carelessly litter roadways and the wind isn't our friend blowing tumbleweeds and trash into our landscape. Additionally, large bulky items such as tires and old furniture are also purposely dumped by the side of the road.

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What can you do?

It is simple. We are asking for your help! By participating in the City's TIDE-Y Up A Mile Program, our overall reach is greatly extended. Participants get personal satisfaction by knowing that they are truly supporting their community.

What are the benefits?

Community pride! We have all heard the phrase ,"when you look better, you feel better". We believe that holds true for our community as well. When our surroundings look good, it makes us feel good. Clean roadways and landscaped areas help make the City and all its visitors appreciate the beauty of Lancaster.

Self-satisfaction coupled with the ability to help ensure the beauty of our diverse landscape rank high among the numerous benefits as well! Community residents  and tourists alike benefit from your efforts.

Is it easy to join?

Yes! We welcome individuals over 11 years of age, businesses, public agencies, and organizations. We simply ask you to adopt a section of roadway for a period of two years.

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